Who we are

A strategic structure

Canalplast is, since more than 35 years, a specialized company in the production and development of trunking systems for electrical installation. Our effort, the technology of our production and the quality of our products bring our presence in the national markets and make us grow more and more towards the international ones, placing us among the leaders of the sector, with a network of agencies and own promoters that constantly cooperate with the clients and their design dept., and having as partners the distributors of electric material with which we collaborate for the”satisfaction of the end client”. Canalplast’s facilities cover an area of more than 20.000 m2. Using constantly updated technologies, Canalplast produces profiles made of high quality materials. These products follow a rigid quality control procedure, from production to packing and storing. Canalplast’s facilities house the Research and Development department, as well as administrative and production departments. Approximately 1500 stock items are stored in our 7.500 m2 warehouse. A Customer Care department is in charge of coordinating all orders, from placement to final shipment to the customer.


In order to make a project, to produce, to manage the arrival in the market and for the relationship of satisfaction with wholesalers, industries and installators, are daily-engaged more than 50 qualified people to whom we have to add the components of a commercial net that oversteps the national frontier. Canalplast make incentive for the develop of the human resources, taking aim on intelligence and discipline; Wide knowledge and energy investment to improve products and services are a real fact in the establishment of Limbiate.


In the spring of 1962 Mr Edmondo Villi started up the activities of Canalplast. For years the company was active in the field of molding raw materials. In 1975 it changed its industrial profile when, following huge investments, the whole work organization was modified. Following this, Mr PierGiorgio Villi took the helm of the company. The Villi family consists of hard-working and resolute people who trust the values of honesty, entrepreneurship, professionalism, respect of the client and loyalty. Soon Canalplast proved to be a mayor company specialized in the design and manufacture of raceways. Mr Edmondo Villi had put the foundations for Canalplast’s growth, and since then his sons have run it to enter the club of successful companies.