CPBox. Terminal blocks and connectors

Unipolar terminal blocks, divisible connectors,
bipolar and tetrapolar protected terminal posts,
protected terminal universal posts, copper bars support,
double lock feed-in and equijoints terminals.

End connector terminal-blocks are mainly used for simple connections into the junction boxes in order to derive, distribute or give continuity to the electrical installation.

Movable terminal blocks

General characteristics:

  • Heat resistance 130°C
  • Hight dielectric rigidity
  • Lighting and flame resistance according to IEC 695-2-1
  • Degree of protection IP 20
  • IMQ




Single-pole movable terminal blocks


  • Brass CW 614 N
  • Screws or grains of zinc plated iron
  • Self-estinguishing trasparent policarbonate
  • according to UL 94
  • Degree of protection IP00
  • IMQ

Divisible connectors

General characteristics:

  • 80°C – 400 V – 12 poles polyethilene
    85°C – 440 V – Fire retardant 12 poles polypropilene
    -30°C +110°C – 450V – 12 poles polyammide 66 PA
    -30°C +110°C – 450V – 12 poles polyammide