SondaCP – Spiro – Soffio

Nylon fishtapes and Stringing gun

Nylon fishtapes tradizional and twisted, lenght from 5 to 30 mt. with all the necessary accessories. 
Interchangable leader and bullnose and joint to make more lenghts.
Liquid, gel e spray lubrificant to facilitate wire insertion and new anti-peeling accessory to insert in the pipe edge avoiding the attrition on the border.
The stringing gun lets blow or aspirate a pull line foil thru the pipe for long distance in few seconds coverage.

Technical informations SondaCp Nylon fishtapes:

  • Fixed or interchangable leader and bullnose.
  • Diameter 3 e 4 mm.
  • Lenght 5-10-15-20-25-30 mt.
  • Colour black or white

Technical informations Spiro Twisted nylon fishtapes:

  • Interchangable leader and bullnose.
  • Diameter 4 e 5 mm.
  • Lenght 10-15-20-25-30 mt.
  • Colour yellow or red

Technical informations Soffio:

  • Stringin gun kit

System components