New finishes

Ideas for installation

For more than 25 years Canalplast, produces and develops trunking systems for electrical installations, bringing its technology and ideas to the customers’ service and the world of installations. Today Canalplast introduces, within its line of skirting trunkings, a more complete series where quality embraces aesthetics and where new proposals allow this product to become a real element of decor. The new finishing, “Carrara marble” and “travertino marble” are an unprecedented innovation, making it possible to use skirting trunkings in prestigious environments and in those places where it is not acceptable to make a wall-embedded system.

Harmony with the environment

TRIS 2000, the 3-compartment skirting system, with the new decors provides the best and most comprehensive solution on the market. Besides the traditional white colour there are slate, cherry, aluminum, and the last born  “Carrara marble” and “Travertino marble”.  TRIS 2000 integrates seamlessly with Simmetris 2120, a 4-compartment skirting trunking, creating a unique system regarding quality and elegance. A full range of accessories allows simple, fast and perfect installations, thus ensuring the routing of all circuits with the utmost safety in compliance with current regulations, with good looks and new harmony with the environment.